You may wear shoes, chappals, sandals, boots etc when you are outdoors. Many people wear footwear indoors also. It protects from dirt, dusty particles or hard objects such as pebbles. Every footwear has a sole to protect from dirt present in the upper layer of the earth. Your footwear is easily subjected to tear without a sole. It is a support to the shoes. The manufacturers produce different types of soles that provide cushioning to the feet.  They can manufacture gel insoles made of silicone gel.  You can wear footwear consisting of insoles made of gel.

Reasons to wear insoles of gel

You should wear gel shoes that are easily removable and you can also wear them easily. It provides extra cushioning to your feet. Thus, you can walk comfortably.  The shoes always provide grip and protection while walking. So, if you wear such shoes, you obviously feel protected. As it is well-cushioned, it is used to absorb shock and a person can always walk comfortably without feeling dragged. 

You may walk on hard surfaces or may strike pebbles, glass pieces or other tiny objects on the ground frequently. If the rubber of the sole is robust, then you do not trip easily. So, these soles are not easily subjected to tear or crack if collided with these objects. As the shoes are cushioned, the user is not easily subjected to misalignment. If the shoes do not consist of a properly fitted sole, then the user may fall or trip over due to imbalance while walking. A person is sometimes injured if he falls at inappropriate places due to imbalance. People above 60 years should be always careful while walking because their bones are gradually degenerating. A fall can lead to injuries. So, such people should wear gel insoles to protect them from injuries. 

These insoles are rigid and hence provides grip to a person while walking. As it consists of massaging oil and foam, a person can feel relieved from knee pain at least for some time.  They are water solvent and do not retain any moisture. So, they are durable and remain intact for many days. 

They protect from environmental problems as your feet is protected from dirt or dusty particles. The particles do not stick to the sole. If prevents problems such as knee pain, but is not suitable for people who already have knee pain. 

The gel insoles for shoes are suitable for sportsmen and are ideal for running. They are thick, but not too thick. Hence, a person does not feel entangled when they wear the shoes. It is also suitable for long-distance hiking, and the person who are suffering from metatarsal pain problem. 

These shoes can be easily cleaned with water and dried later on. It is a massage to the feet while walking. You do not feel physically exerted easily. They are fragrant and hence pleasant to wear. These shoes are worn by anyone during exercising also.  But the gel insoles for shoes do not dry easily and are not suitable for people with severe knee pain.

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