Infections are quite common as most of the fungus are in our surrounding. The oral thrush is a renowned infection caused by fungus occurred in the mouth and is quite harder to deal with. Although we are aware of the fact the fungal infections can affect internal surface of the mouth, it also affects lips in many cases. 

Anyone is prone to get fungal infection on the lips, and the infection can occur due to the low immune system. The immune challenging people are more susceptible to these infections on lips and these conditions are clinically proven. Luckily, we have antifungal cream for lips and other medications to cure the fungal infections on the lips. 

The fungal infection on the lips can affect both adult and children. To get the right treatment, here are some of the tips to get rid of them at ease.

Rinse the lips with salt water regularly

Salt contains the antiseptic and is the best cleansing agent that helps tosoothe skin that is infected with fungal. Rinsing your mouth with

saltwater could relieve symptoms of the fungal infection and other oralulcers.

Treat it with baking soda

Rinsing the lips with baking soda might assists you to get rid of the oral fungal infection. There are many researchthat shows treatment with sodium bicarbonate gives a better results as it is the best disinfectant and it has antifungal properties. 

Apply homely made yogurt

From ancient times we know that treating the fungal infections on the lips are quite challenging and with home remedy it is quite easier to get rid of them. Yogurt that contains the good probiotic bacteria acts on the infection thus preventing the growth of the fungi. The yogurt further contains vitamins and nutrients that helps to combat the infection at the earliest way. The bacteria in yogurt releases the yeast which is the good fungal that works effectively on the lips fungal infection. 

Apply coconut oil 

Another renowned medication to cure the fungal infection on the lips is to use the coconut oil. As the oil contains the chain of fatty acids, it helps to soothe the infection on the lips. The oil further acts as the fungicide thereby destroying the invaded fungi on the lips. 

Apply the extract of apple cider vinegar

Here is another best remedy to get rid of the fungal infection on the lip. The apple cider vinegar contains the antifungal and antimicrobial properties thus helps to combat the fungal infection on the lips. Consuming the diluted syrup of the apple cider vinegar helps to destroy the fungal on the lips. 

Apply the extract of cranberry juice

The cranberry juice is one of the effective treatments against the fungal infection. The cranberry extract contains the compound that stops the growth of the fungal infection. The antifungal lip cream will also contain the natural ingredients that work effectively on the infection. 


The fungal infection on the lips is quite challenging to treat and based on the severity of infection, the treatment varies. With the above effective remedies, the infection on the lips can be reduced effectively upon regular usage. 

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