Genital Warts Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Genital Warts and Herpes

The effects of genital warts and herpes can be very bothersome and embarrassing. Getting a prescription to take care of them can be embarrassing too. This problem can be easily avoided by using some helpful home remedies for genital warts and herpes.

Use a Hair Dryer

When washing the area impacted by herpes or genital warts it helps to use a hair dryer instead of a towel to dry the area. A hair dryer can work to dry out lesions in the area. It does not cause a great amount of irritation either. Be sure to use a low setting with the dryer for the best results.

Calamine Lotion Works

Using calamine lotion is one of the best home remedies to use. Calamine lotion can get lesions to dry out. This is a remedy for external areas only and should not be handled near any internal membranes.

Aloe Cream is a Good Ointment to Use

Aloe cream is a useful material that can work with natural ingredients and no side effects and can be used to help with handling genital warts and herpes. Aloe cream will not cause a rash and it will help to ease pains from the condition. It will not block air that is needed for the area like petroleum jelly and other ointments can too.

Garlic Can Stop Infections and the Spread of These Conditions

Raw garlic or garlic oil materials can also be applied to the area. Garlic is known to help promote the growth of white blood cells. When this occurs infections can be prevented.

Tea Tree Oil Can Stop Warts

Tea tree oil can work to make sure that the signs of herpes and genital warts can be eliminated by working to kill off harmful bacteria in the area. Five drops of this oil should be added with half a pint of water onto the area that needs to be treated.

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