How to Use Customer Feedback to Your Advantage

Displaying positive reviews can be advantageous for any business. A survey shows that 70% of people trust customer reviews online, while 90% are more likely to purchase a product after reading customer reviews.

Such customer behaviour isn’t only restricted to commercial products and services industries. Customer review is a vital factor even in the academic sector. Students rely on popular online portals such as MyAssignmenthelp review for genuine on different academic and non-academic service providers.

How To Collect Customer Reviews?

When it comes to gathering customer feedback, every company adopts a unique technique. Some of the most popular methods of collecting customer feedback include:


Shorter-form of surveys is a popular way of generating valuable feedback. Short, open-ended questions allow the customers to provide feedback quickly.

Phone calls

Phone calls are a great option if you are looking to get in-depth details from a customer. It is no doubt time-consuming, and customers often get restless, but it certainly gives you better insights.


Most businesses send out emails with a set of product or service-related questions to gather helpful responses quickly.

Live Chats

The live chat feature enables you to get real-time feedback from customers. They get follow-up questions according to their previous answers.  

Social Media

Today, social media platforms are primarily used to share feedback. Businesses can use their social media accounts to learn more about their customers and resolve issues.

Case studies

Case studies bring comprehensive insight into what a group of customers using a particular product or service has to say. Such insights can help you identify the problem and solve it.

How To Use Customer Reviews To Optimise Your Services For Increased Sales?

1. Understand your customers’ words:

Many restaurants serve a basic dish like Mac and Cheese but give some fancy name to promote the brand. Well, it’s frustrating to many customers like me. If you want to sell your product, don’t make it harder for your customers to find you. Carefully analyse every feedback and use the terms and product descriptions they are using to search for a product/service.

2. Improve your product line:

Not all products hit the right chords with all your customers. Some may be more problematic than you realise. With customer reviews, you can learn about products with maximum negative feedback and immediately work on it rather than sell them and put your brand name in jeopardy. You can also optimise your inventory with the products customers rave about and increase sales.

3. Use positive reviews as social proof:

Nothing builds your reputation like genuine, positive reviews like My assignment help reviews. As I mentioned earlier, a large section of customers trust reviews from strangers and make purchase decisions. If you have customers sharing awesome things about your products/services, share them on your website. Reports show sharing testimonials can boost your conversion rates by 34%!

4. Quickly follow up on negative feedback:

Negative feedback is pretty regular as preferences and likeness defer by people. Instead of breaking down, stay calm and investigate the issue. Show the customer how deeply you regret the inconvenience caused and offer them help. Your quick attention to the matter will show how you care for your customers and are willing to improve their shopping experience.

5. Convert happy customers into brand advocates:

The “word-of-mouth” marketing tool is an excellent way of gaining new customers. For review Identify the customers who share great reviews or give you five-star ratings. Reach out to them with special perks such as an affiliate program or free products in exchange for spreading the word of their product to their contacts.

Wrapping Up

Customer feedback is an invaluable factor for all type of businesses. It helps you learn about your customers, optimise your product line, and expand your market while keeping your existing customers happy.  Don’t get disappointed with negative customer feedback. Treat it as a chance to improve your product/service and show your customers how much you care. I know it’s challenging to handle the backlash, but find the right strategies to reach out to the unsatisfied customers and take every initiative to make the wrong right.

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