Drama films are intended to provide a storyline that conveys a lesson. They are hardly amusing and are usually reserved for important matters. They might be based on poetry and follow a certain plot. Depending on the kind of story they are focused on, there are various varieties of drama films. Crime films, action thrillers, fantasy films, love films, science fiction films, and so on are all examples of drama films.

These movies are intended to inspire, and also to let the viewers surprise and consider the movie once they have seen it. This enriches the encounter, and one can gain a viewpoint and understand something through the hours spent watching the film. Bollywood films are renowned for the melodrama they produce, and there is a vast collection of Bollywood films that should be seen. Several of them are based on other novels, while a few are completely unique. There are websites such as Vidmate that allow you to download films from social networking sites in this age of the online platform.

The following is a compilation of the top five Bollywood films to see.

  • Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Young people enjoyed the film because it was about experiencing life to the maximum and appreciating it. Teenagers were engaged in the film, which was a box office hit.

  • Rang De Basanti

It is one of Bollywood’s finest drama films, depicting nationalism and the struggle for freedom. The film depicts the cast’s efforts to combat injustice in the nation. The film was well-received at the film industry and earned the Filmfare Prize for Best Cinema.

  • Sholay

It’s the tale of 2 criminals recruited by a cop to attack a gang of robbers who had destroyed his family. The film appeals to people of all generations, and both children and adults continue to watch it. The film has its particular appeal, and even after all these years, individuals always find it worthwhile to see.

  • Nayak

Nayak, featuring Anil Kapoor, is a gem of Indian film. It portrays him like a one-day chief minister who demonstrates what can be accomplished in one day provided the tasks are properly carried out. The picture did not perform successfully at the film industry, but it was enthusiastically received by the crowd. It received positive reviews from reviewers.

  • Swades

Shahrukh Khan starred in the film. It depicted him as a researcher who had traveled to India to bring his grandmother to America, however his trip to the nation transformed his mind regarding the country and helped him identify his origins. This film has created a unique impact on everybody’s mind.

For many people, watching movies is a cherished hobby. Individuals of all generations like watching movies and having a good time. However, because of a poor internet service, it is occasionally impossible to see the film. Then there’s the Vidmate app, that allows you to save movies and play those afterwards. Dramas are enjoyed by anyone, and someone can select and observe one depending on one’s attitude.

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